Sunday, November 26, 2006

Toyota Prius Debut As My New Vehicle

A month ago, I sold my Nissan March and at the same time bought a Toyota Prius. It’s veeeery nice car as I had expected. Isn't it cool?
The Toyota Prius is the world's first commercially mass-produced hybrid car. It went on sale in Japan in 1997, and worldwide in 2001. It’s said that in Latin, prius means "before" or "first".
With the 2004 model, the Prius was certified as an Advanced Technology Partial zero-emissions vehicle. Prius has won numerous awards including Car of the Year awards for Europe, Japan and North America. (Information Source: Wikipedia)

The Prius has also won “Japanesque Modern 100” or the "New Japanese Style" Awards in Japan this year, 2006.
The "New Japanese Style" is defined by three traditional Japanese values: craftsmanship, manners and hospitality.
“Craftsmanship” is the spirit of constantly creating new technologies and culture, respecting materials as products of nature and stressing the importance of passing on knowledge and techniques.
“Manners” are the spirit of cultivating one's personality and seeking a noble and motivated lifestyle, with individuals sharing responsibility for the greater good.
“Hospitality” is the spirit of both establishing one’s self as an individual and supporting diversity and harmony, while respecting different ideas and new things.
I'm very proud of the Awords as one of the owners of the Prius.

I had my Prius done a one-month-checkup the day before yesterday. It’s still quite new. The above two pictures were taken before Utusnomiya Lifelong Education Center just ten minutes ago.


Anonymous said...

Nice car;)

godzilla_rabbit said...

Yes, Thanks.